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"This feels very much like someone taught me to rub two sticks together and I am now standing somewhat incredulously in front of a roaring fire! Everyone should know how helpful Cheryl's work is."
 - Scott Hampton, Composer
"Your coaching was SO helpful!! You brought up some things that - I believe - most composers, musicians, songwriters and producers don't realize. You have a brilliant perspective of the whole 'thing'."
 - Paulo Galvao, Songwriter
"Working with Cheryl was a crucial step in some big shifts I’ve made over the past few years. She really helped me get into alignment and action in areas where I’d been stuck or floundering, and it made an enormous difference for me."
 - Deborah Hurwitz, Composer & Musical Director (Jersey Boys)
"Cheryl, this is the first time I've felt I'm going to get this. It was the right decision to sign up when I did. Very excited."
 - Sharman Nittoli
Cheryl's been creating and curating as many free resources as she can.
There's something for everyone, from checklists to video trainings to workbooks.
A pdf checklist to guide you through making powerful pitches
An on-demand video training to reset your email list marketing strategy
Download this workbook to master the stages of doing email the right way
Essays, articles, and tips from the desktop of a full-time music creator
A quick and easy challenge to boost all areas of your career, delivered over email
Interviews with the best and brightest of the music industry
Increase your skillset and set yourself above the rest
with these quick and easy, super-valuable classes.
What it looks like = what it says. Put your best foot forward, and it starts here. Hosted on the learning site, Skillshare.
Learn how to actually make money with music while staying true to yourself. Hosted on Skillshare.
This step-by-step class takes you through the whole process of creating an album. Hosted on Skillshare.
The 8-step process of writing a perfect pitch so you hear a YES! Includes pre-written email templates for you to use!
This is where the magic happens. And by magic, we mean leveling up that music career
and tackling your biggest blocks to truly transform and love your music career. Starving artist... *be gone!*
Musicians are sitting on a gold mine, but don't know how to get in. Email lists are something we know we need, but tend to cause more overwhelm than actually doing any good.... until now. This course walks you through developing a strategy for your list, getting through the technology of setting it up and automating it, and does a deep dive into content creation & list monetization.
This unique and special program is where you discover who you are, not just as a musician, but in the world. By doing so, you will better communicate your brand to attract the right fans. There is nothing out there that does this personal work, applies it to your music career, and leverages it so that you can leave the 6-week course completely unrecognizable to yourself and how you work at your music career.
Big groups, small groups, one-on-one.
No matter how you take your support, you'll find the porridge here is juuuuuust right.
Network, share, and practice pitching with over 800 motivated & like-minded musicians. You're bound to find your next co-write!
Get coaching and an intimate support group as part of In The Key Elite, a monthly, live small-group coaching mastermind.
There's nothing more powerful than having a trained coach (who also gets it!) work with you to propel your career to the next level.
  • Artist: Making albums + booking tours + licensing songs, all DIY, means Cheryl gets it. Been there. Done that. Got (and sold) the T-shirt (and other merch).
  • Composer: Knowing how to pitch your reel to get your ideal composing jobs is half the battle. Cheryl knows this.
  • Coach: Advice is one thing. Being trained to listen to what is truly blocking you, and hold you accountable to what you say you want, is another.
Full time singer-songwriter & composer
With 4 records under her belt, 6 years of touring the USA and Europe, from coffee houses to 4000-person festivals, plus over 40 licenses to boot, Cheryl gets what it takes to be a working singer-songwriter. As a composer, Cheryl's scored a bunch of nationally-airing commercials, dozens of indie films, and tons of web content including 60+ videos for College Humor.
In The Key Of Success
Cheryl started In The Key Of Success, a website of resources for musicians, simply because she was filling a void. There were no trainings on branding, email marketing, or getting out of your own way specifically for musicians when she was first starting out or when she hit a wall in her career. After answering many of the same questions at conferences, she realized she had experiences to share and 750 hours of career coaching training to add to the mix, and In The Key Of Success is the best place to lay it all out.
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